5 Things To Do Before You Move

Moving is tough for everyone. Organizing, packing, and leaving behind familiarity can be exhausting and overwhelming. Here’s a list of five things you should do before moving to help make your move a little bit smoother.

Leave Clutter Behind

Moving can be a great opportunity to clear out some of your clutter and get rid of stuff you really don’t need in the future. Bonus: you’ll also save money by moving less.


Meet Your New Neighborhood

Make sure to visit your new neighborhood and find out where important things are, such as the supermarket, restaurants, and medical services.


Switch Your Utilities

Setting up a utilities switch to your new location as soon as you move in is an important step that will help you adjust to moving in much quicker.


Notify Your Car Insurer

Even if you’re staying in the same city, your rates may differ when you move, and you should notify your car insurance company accordingly.


Pack a Bag for Your First Few Days

With your entire life being packed up, you should set aside a separate bag with things you’ll need immediately, such as a toothbrush, any medication, or a change of clothes.