5 Things to Look For at an Open House

Touring a home during an open house is a common step in the home search process. Here are five things you should keep an eye out for while in an open house.

Windows and Doors

If the windows and/or doors are lopsided, it could be a signal of problems with the foundation or just poor installation. Either scenario might leave you with something work to do after buying the house.


Water Damage

Looking out for water lines in the walls and ceilings is vital, but you could also be served well by checking any exposed piping and the area around it for leaks, rust, or signs of mold.


Especially when it comes to tile and hardwood flooring, it is crucial to check if the floors are uneven. Uneven floors could be a signal of many different possible future problems you might have to deal with if you purchase the home.


Neglected Home Maintenance

Check for things like leaky faucets or fading paint. While they might not be issues that require a significant amount of repair, they could be indicative that other parts of the house are overdue for maintenance.


If you’re looking for privacy, it probably doesn’t bode well if your neighbors have a clear view into various parts of your home. You should glance around to see what parts of your house can be seen by your neighbors and which of those could be easily remedied with foliage or a fence of some sort.