Quick Ways to Turn Buyers OFF!

Dirt and Odor and Clutter, Oh My!

This one is simple: Your home needs to be as clean as physically possible if you want to get the highest price for it. More often than not, this will require carpets to be shampooed, kitchens and bathrooms ‘deep cleaned,’ and in many cases, sellers will need to completely organize or clear out their garages.

Dated Features

The feeling of a dated home can be caused by a number of factors/features, but it’s an overall feeling that can really hurt your home’s value. There’s obviously a huge range of costs associated with updating the look and feel of your home, but even something as simple as replacing doorknobs and the hardware on your cabinets can make a world of difference.

Unkempt Yard

Clearly, these homeowners have placed curb appeal toward top of their priority list.

It always comes back to curb appeal. If a prospective buyer pulls up to your home and the first thing they notice is how much yard work would be in store for them if they bought the house, that’s obviously not a great start. When things look amazing outside, it makes it much easier to check out the inside with an open mind. The last thing you want is potential buyers deciding they’re not interested before they even step through the front door!