Your Presale Checklist

Selling your home takes some preparation! Here’s some things you can do to minimize the last-minute chores and tasks that come with selling:

  1. Figure out how much cost you may incur for repairs and upgrades so that you can either budget for it or know how much would be appropriate for buyers to knock off the sale price, if you want them to take on those costs.
  2. Deep cleaning is not fun, but it’s very necessary when you’re getting ready to sell. Don’t want to pay for a cleaning crew? Depending on how large your home is, you may want to recruit a squad of friendly volunteers. Just offer some delicious food and perhaps a future ride to the airport.bigstock-Walkout-Basement-Porch-With-Co-70699510
  3. Make sure your yard is at its peak! This is something you can and should start improving a few months before you actually list. Yard work and gardening can hardly be drastically improved overnight.
  4. The majority of homeowners have a lot of stuff, nothing in particular, just stuff. Pack the non-essentials and store it elsewhere when it’s getting close to listing time. Uncluttered floors appear larger, cleaner, and more attractive. Don’t worry, your go-to recliner will be waiting for you in your new home, I promise!
  5. You know what gets pretty dirty and needs a checkup from time to time? Chimneys and fireplaces! If you have one or more, get them cleaned and inspected by experts to make sure they look pristine, and to prevent a nasty repair surprise!